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Live Sound and PA Equipment Hire for Bands and Performers

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Live Sound Hire

Our range of live audio and PA equipment for performers / bands is continuously expanding and we can provide full systems and packages for a wide range of live events or venues.

We understand that many bands do have their own equipment and that is why we offer our live sound equipment on an individual item hire basis, as complete systems / packages as well as fully tailoring our service to meet with your event / equipment needs.

  • Are you doing a gig or event that is outside of your existing equipment's capabilities?
  • Do you need additional speakers or microphones?
  • Do you need a complete PA system of tailored PA / sound system and lighting package for your event?

    We can help!

See our equipment guide for detail of our equipment hire and pricing and give us a call on 01628 525147 or contact us online, we'd be delighted to assist!

Our live sound / band equipment hire includes:


Small venues - Solo performers / vocalists / speech

Proel TPR12For solo performers, vocalists or for small venues where an additional sub isn't needed our Proel TPR12 12" speakers will do more than get you heard. Not only do they sound great look, they sound great. They are compact and have a very distinctive design with silver front grille and grey painted sides

Rated at 250W (AES), 500W peak they deliver exceptionally clear and detailed sound through the 12" driver and 1" compression driver. The frequency range is 55Hz-20kHz, Sensitivity 98dB and the internal crossover for the HF driver is at 3kHz.

Multi-purpose sound reinforcement - small to medium venues

Celestion SR1If a compact yet more powerful full range speaker is needed the Celestion SR1 delivers 350W from two 8" full-range concentric dome radiator drivers and as these are angled in the cabinet this gives a very wide angle of dispersion. The frequency range is good for such a small speaker, 50Hz - 20kHz, and is capable of some pretty high sound pressure levels: Sensitivity 98dB, Maximum SPL 124dB.

Celestion SR2Need more bass or performing in a in a larger venue? If so, then we can supply the SR1s as a complete system with the SR2 subs. The SR2s are rated at a massive 1000W and contain 18" Celestion drivers, delivering all the bottom end you would need for most venues. Frequency response is 40Hz-150Hz and the crossover between the SR2s and the SR1s is handled effortlessly by a dedicated system controller. The SR2s have a top hat pole mount so the SR1s can be mounted directly above the SR2s or the SR1s can also be mounted on separate speaker stands.

Multi-purpose sound reinforcement - Medium to large venues, front of house / stage

Volt mid-topFor bands (or DJs) that need a larger scalable speaker system with plenty of bottom end our Volt loudspeakers provide just that. These can either be supplied with just the mid tops or with matching bass reflex subs.

The Volt 15" Radial Chassis speakers are suitable for a wide range of events and sound reinforcement applications and use a unique patented Radial design which gives the same high level output all the time, unlike other traditional speakers, which lose power and definition as they get hotter.

The Volt Radial design provides the superior sound performance and high reliability needed in a high powered loudspeaker / PA system.

Volt subThe Radial Chassis speakers in both the mid tops and the subs are rated at 500W RMS (1000W program). These fairly compact speakers are capable of producing some pretty low frequencies, down to 30Hz, and high SPLs. They require a two way crossover between the subs and the mid tops and the mid tops have an internal passive crossover between the bass driver and BMS high frequency compression driver.

Two subs and two mid tops will deliver 2.2kW RMS (4.4kW program), four subs and 4 mid tops will deliver 4.4kW RMS (8.8kW program).

Stage / Wedge Monitors

Wedge / stage monitors for foldback are also available.

Please see our equipment guide for more detail and pricing as well as our band / live sound packages sections of the site. However, we recommend that you contact us first to discuss your event requirements and we would be more than happy to visit the venue with you or obtain layout plans.

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Mixing Consoles


We supply high quality Mackie mixing consoles for stage, live and studio use and have large and small format mixers available for hire.

Solo performers or small groups / bands - Mackie DFX6

Mackie DFX6The Mackie DFX6 small format stage console with 4 microphone / 4 line inputs (2 of which are stereo) is an ideal solution for a wide range of stage and live sound applications where you have to be in control of your own mix / performance. It is simple and easy to control.

You can plug microphones or mono line level sources such as guitars or bass into channels 1 and 2. and you can plug mono or stereo line level sources (keyboards, tone modules, etc.) into Channels 3/4, and 5/6. Mics can also be plugged into Channels 3 and 5.

On top of this the DFX6 has its own built in effects processing with reverb, delay, chorus and thirteen other effects. A separate 5 band EQ tops this off so there's no need for any additional outboard effects processors.

It's an ideal solution for the solo performer or small band who need to be in control of the performance.

Small to medium sized bands, multiple microphones and instruments - Mackie ProFX

mackie_proFX12The Mackie ProFX consoles excel both as stage and live consoles. Like the smaller DFX6 the have their own built in 32-bit digital effects, with 16 effects parameters and a 7 band stereo graphic Equaliser.

They also feature a USB interface providing the ability to record the summed output directly into Cubase, Logic Pro or other DAW software. This can then be played back into the console through USB. If you don't require large external routing options or external processing then these are for you.

The ProFX12 is suitable for most applications although we do also have the ProFX16 available if you require a larger number of inputs. The ProFX16 also benefits from having 4 built in compressors.

Large bands, multiple microphones and instruments, requiring use of outboard equipment and lots of routing options - Mackie 24.8 Bus

mackie24_8The Mackie 24.8 Bus has been an industry standard mixing console for many years for both sound reinforcement and studio use and is still recognised as one of the leading analogue 8 bus consoles.

Made with high quality components it has a great EQ section and is recognised for its legendary headroom and low noise floor. It is packed with features and has extremely flexible send and return routing options (6 aux sends / returns), as well 24 return inputs for monitoring and mixing. All in all hard to beat!

This is supplied flight cased although we can also supply the Mackie console stand for this if required.

Please refer to our equipment guide for details of our full range of mixing consoles and pricing information, contact us or call us on 01628 525147 for a quotation.

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Mackie Soundcraft

The Crown and QSC amplifiers we supply are renowned for their high quality build and performance and more importantly for their extremely low noise and distortion levels.

Our most popular amplifiers, the Crown XLS602, the QSC GX3 and QSC GX5, have the following power output ratings:

Crown XLS602
The Crown XLS602 is ideal for use with a range of full range, mid / top or bass cabinets and delivers almost 400W (maximum average power) at 8 ohms (Ω) and 600W (maximum average power) per channel at 4 ohms.

  • both channels driven, 8 ohms (per ch.) 380W
  • both channels driven, 4 ohms (per ch.) 600W
  • Bridge-Mono, 8 ohms 1,200W

The GX3 is ideal for use with 8 ohm speakers in the 300 watt (program) range

  • QSC GX3both channels driven, 8 ohms (per ch.) 300W
  • single channel driven, 8 ohms 350W
  • both channels driven, 4 ohms (per ch.) 425W
  • single channel driven, 4 ohms 500W

The GX5 is ideal for use with 8 ohm speakers in the 500 watt (program) range

  • QSC GX3both channels driven, 8 ohms (per ch.) 500W
  • single channel driven, 8 ohms 600W
  • both channels driven, 4 ohms (per ch.) 700W
  • single channel driven, 4 ohms 850W

The QSC GX range of amplifiers also have a built in low frequency cut off at 100Hz allowing you to run a bass speaker on Channel 1 and a mid-top on channel 2 without any need for an additional crossover unit.

We have a range of amps of different power ratings which are matched for use with our passive speaker systems however these can also be supplied individually for use with your own PA equipment if required.

About Power Ratings
When choosing an amplifier it is important to differentiate between program and RMS power ratings. Typically, as a rule of thumb, loudspeaker manufacturers recommend an amplifier with power output equal to the speaker's "Program (Music) Power" rating or two times (2 x) the "Continuous (RMS )Power" rating.

For example; if your loudspeakers are rated at 100W RMS you should ideally use a 200W (per ch.) amplifier. If it states 250W program a 250W / 300W (per ch.) power amplifier can be used. You will sometimes see statements of 2 to 2.5 x RMS and even up to 4 x RMS being mentioned.

This is all to do with short term peaks in material, which may potentially cause very short term clipping of the amplifier if it is running close to its full rated load, and some do like to factor this in to the equation to give plenty of headroom. If an amplifier of 3x to 4x RMS is used this should be used cautiously as it is likely that you could easily be running the amplifier at only half load/volume and the speakers are already running at close to peak. You can easily burn out the voice coil of a speaker by putting too much load through it.

Please see our equipment guide for more detail on our amplifiers and if you have any questions on our amplifiers or about which amplifier you should use please call us or use our online form to contact us.

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Crossovers / System Controllers

Crossovers and system controllers / speaker management systems are available to hire and are with speaker systems supplied where required although for our smaller passive full range speaker systems or our mid/tops these already have crossovers built into the unit so none is required.

2/3 way and 3/4/5 way (5 way mono) crossovers are available.

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Processors / FX / EQ

If you need any additional outboard gear for your performance / event we have a range of processors, effects and EQ units available to hire.

Our range includes:

  • DBX 1066 dual channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate
  • Drawmer MX50 dual channel De-Esser
  • Behringer UltraDyne Pro 9024 multiband dynamics processor
  • BBE 362SW Sonic Maximizer
  • Behringer UltraCurve Pro 8024 digital EQ
  • SPL Stereo Vitalizer Jack psychoacoustic enhancer
  • Behringer QEQ3102 Dual 31-band graphic EQ
  • Digitech Studio Quad 4 multi effects processor
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P multi effects processor
  • Boss GX700 Guitar Effects Processor with Roland EV-5 footswitch

If there is something more specific you require for your event and we don't currently have this we will do our very best to source this for you through our partners and supplier network.

See our equipment guide for detail of all the outboard equipment available for hire.

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Recording / Playback

We supply Tascam Professional CD, DAT and Minidisk recorders

Tascam is synonymous with the word "recording", right back to the days of analogue reel-to-reel tape recording , and this continues with their professional recorders we have available for hire.

We also have Carillon AC1 audio PCs which can be supplied with Echo 24 bit, 96kHz 8 in/8 Out audio interfaces for multitrack recording into Cubase or Digidesign Digi001 interfaces for multitrack recording into ProTools.

Please also refer to our equipment guide for further details and pricing.

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Shure SM58

We also have a range of wired and wireless handheld microphones for live performance use and with our wireless systems headsets are also available for use with the belt pack transmitters.

Our range includes:

  • Shure SM58 cardiod dynamic vocal microphones
  • Sennheiser E840 cardioid dynamic stage vocal Microphones
  • Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic instrument microphones
  • Shure Drum Microphone kit (6 microphones: 1 kick, 3 snare/tom, 2 overheads)
  • Sennheiser wireless handheld microphones

All of our microphones are detailed in our equipment guide with pricing

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Cables / Stands

cables and standsWe only supply high quality cables and stands.


All of our cables are professionally made with Neutrik connectors and are tested before and after each event to ensure there are no faults. We supply a range of different lengths of microphone, instrument and speaker cable and also have multicore cables available.

Speaker Stands

We use Konig and Meyer (K&M) heavy duty steel speaker stands and poles for the majority of our speakers systems although for our smaller speakers <25kg and for ease of transportation / setup we do have lightweight aluminium speaker stands, available in silver or black

Microphone Stands

Beyer telescopic microphone boom stands are used and we also have instrument and drum mic stands also available.

Please refer to our equipment guide and whatever your event / equipment requirements please call us or use our online form to contact us to discuss your needs.

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