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Frequently Asked Questions

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What forms of ID do I need to hire from you?

If you are hiring equipment from us two forms of Identification must be provided, which between them must include a photograph of you, and your permanent address. If you are not a permanent resident of the UK we are unable to provide hire services to you.

Suggested forms of Identification:

a. Driving licence (with photo) or Passport
b. Recent utility bill (no more than 3 months old)

Is a deposit required?

A deposit is required to hire equipment from us although the required deposit will vary depending upon the scope of supply for your event. The deposit will be refunded once the equipment is collected.

What forms of Payment do you take?

We accept BACs transfer (account details will be provided prior to hire), personal cheque, (which must be fully cleared prior to commencement of hire) or cash, all including deposit, prior to commencement of hire.

I'm under 18, can I hire from you?

No, sorry, you must be over 18 to hire equipment from us. If you are under 18 years of age your parent / guardian must hire the equipment from us and if supplied as dry hire (without engineer) must also be on the premises as the operator of the equipment for the duration of the event. If you are under 18 you cannot use any of the equipment we supply.

I'm playing commercially recorded music, do I need a licence?

Any recorded music being played when there is an audience entirely comprised of friends and/or family (such as at a private family party) does not require a licence.

A licence is required when recorded music, including radio and TV, is played in public. There is no statutory definition of 'playing in public' (also sometimes referred to as 'public performance') but the UK courts have given guidance on its meaning and ruled that it is any playing of music outside of a domestic setting – so, for example, playing recorded music at a workplace, public event or in the course of any business activities is considered to be 'playing in public'.

Most venues should already have the correct licences in place for the playing commercially recorded music although it is worth checking with the venue prior to your event.

If your event is a public or paid for event we can assist you in obtaining the correct licences for your event. These must be obtained and the correct licence(s) in place prior to the commencement of the event itself. Please also refer to the PPL and PRS for Music websites for further information on licencing.

PPL and PRS for Music are two separate independent companies and in most instances a licence is required from both organisations for you to legally play recorded music in public.

What sort of power outlets need to be provided?

This really depends on the scope of the hire and we will advise exactly what type of power sockets are required prior to hiring. The minimum requirement would be one/two 13A single phase sockets for a small sound system hire, although for larger hires additional sockets or for certain lighting rigs a three phase power supply may be needed. We will determine the exact power requirements with you, based on the scope of supply as well as liaise with the venue to ensure they can meet these requirements.

How long will it take to set up the equipment?

This is the how long is a piece of string question? No, seriously, it all comes down to the scope of supply and any external factors that may influence set-up, such as event catering, staging, backdrops or any other services that may unduly affect the time to set-up the equipment. A small simple PA system can take no more an hour to install, set-up and demonstrate the use of (if supplied as dry hire), although we do request a set up time of at least 2 hours to be on the safe side. However if a larger system and / or lighting is needed, or we need to work around others, this can take considerably longer.

We will work with you and assist in the development of your event plan (alongside your event's co-ordinator/catering/marquee hire co., etc. (if applicable)) to ensure that the equipment is delivered on time, installed on time, and is fully operational well before the commencement of the event itself.

Let us take the logistics of this off your mind so you have one less thing to worry about!

Do you have any questions? Call or email us now or use our online contact form.


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