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Studio Equipment Hire Services

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Studio Equipment for Hire

We don't only cater for the live sound market; we also supply a range of equipment for the studio and home recording studio as well.

Knowing how recording projects go our studio equipment is priced on a daily, weekend and weekly hire basis, at very reasonable rates. So that you get the most out of the equipment we would recommend going for a weekend hire which is for 2 full days, and for our studio equipment hire this is deemed being any two consecutive days as opposed to a weekend itself, or a week's hire. Therefore you are not pushed knowing that the equipment has to be returned the next day.

We also supply professional individual cables and multicore cable to connect to the equipment, available in 8 way and 16 way looms for ease of transportation and connection.

Our studio equipment hire includes:

Mixing Consoles


We supply high quality Mackie studio mixing consoles and have large and small format mixers available for hire.

Mackie 24.8 Bus

Mackie 24.8 Bus, an Indusrty standard consoleThe Mackie 24.8 Bus is used in recording studios throughout the world and has been an industry standard analogue mixing console for many years. It is still recognised as one of the leading analogue 8 bus consoles. It is packed with features and has extremely flexible send and return routing (6 aux sends / returns), as well 24 return inputs for monitoring and mixing. It is made with high quality components, has a great EQ section and is recognised for its legendary headroom and extremely low noise floor. All in all hard to beat!

This is supplied flight cased, we can also supply the Mackie console stand for this if required.

Mackie ProFX

Mackie ProFX12Not only do the Mackie ProFX consoles excel as a live console they also feature a USB interface for recording directly into your favourite DAW. If you only require the ability to record the summed output directly into Cubase, Logic Pro or other DAW software and don't require large external routing options then these are for you.

The ProFX12 is suitable for most applications although we do also have the ProFX16 if your recording project demands a larger number of inputs.

Mackie Onyx i

If you need multitrack recording capabilities directly into your DAW from the console then the Mackie Onyx i consoles with FireWire connectivity provide this capability, and much, much more. Coming soon!

Please refer to our equipment guide for details of our range of mixing consoles and pricing information or contact us for a quotation.

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Recording Equipment

For studio use we also have a range of recording and audio workstation options.

PC RecordingCarillion AC1

We can supply Carillon AC1 audio PCs with multitrack recording capabilities and are supplied with either Echo Layla 24-96 8 in/8out audio/MIDI interfaces running Cubase software or with DigiDesign's Digi001 8 in/8out audio/MIDI interface running ProTools 6.4.

Echo Layla 24 and Digi001The Carillon audio PCs we supply are low noise rack mounted systems with 2TB SATA hard drives and 4GB RAM .

Each has transport and MIDI controllers mounted on the front panel as well as the Carillon MindPrint microphone pre-amplifier.

Each system has a DVD+/-RW drive for recording your completed work to CD/DVD and they also have SCSI cards installed for connection to samplers if needed. In fact these systems are so well built they are equally at home for recording live performances as well.

CD / DAT / Minidisk

Tascam MD-301MkIITascam CD, DAT and Minidisk recorders compliment our range of studio recording equipment and like all of Tascam's professional products are known throught the world for their excellent build and performance.

Obviously depending on the project recording requirements do vary so please contact us to discuss your recording and studio equipment needs.

Please also refer to our equipment guide for further details and pricing.

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Studio Microphones

We supply a number of microphones that double for both live and studio use however we also have specialist microphones that are solely aimed for use in the recording studio. Please see our equipment guide for detail on these microphones

Neumann TLM193The Neumann TLM193 is an excellent high end large diaphragm microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and extremely low self-noise and large dynamic range, providing a very linear response over a wide incidence angle.

It is used for professional recording and live applications and is the ideal microphone for professional productions, musicians and studios alike. The TLM193 is supplied with a suspension shock mount, pop shield, boom stand (if needed) and high performance microphone cable.

Gatt LD-9 tube microphoneWe also have the Gatt LD-9 which is a solid large diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern.

The vacuum tube gives this microphone a warm sound and rich harmonics, perfect for recording artists, performers and musicians alike who are looking for a little extra warmth and presence from tube saturation.

The LD-9 is supplied with its own power supply unit (so does require a 13A wall socket), suspension shock mount, wind screen/baffle and high performance microphone cable.

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Outboard Processors / FX / EQ

For outboard processing, effects and EQ we have a range of rack equipment, many of which are suitable for both studio and sound reinforcement processing although we have a number of devices tailored more for the studio environment.

  • DBX 1066 dual channel compressor/limiter/gateDBX 1066 dual channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate - A quality processor for both studio and sound reinforcement use. The DBX 1066 is easy to use, uses DBX's renowned V2 VCA processing, and provides all the functions you need to eliminate unwanted signals and flexibly control overall signal gain in dual mono or stereo operation. The 1066 has a superb dynamic range while maintaining very low distortion and almost immeasurable noise characteristics.
  • Drawmer MX50 dual channel De-EsserDrawmer MX50 dual channel De-Esser - The MX50 is a flexible, simple to set up dual De-Esser designed to fulfil the needs of the recording studio, broadcast, theatre and live sound Industries. Primarily used for reducing sibilant sounds (S's and T's) that are over-emphasised by the human voice but can also be used for other applications such as 'smoothing' a stereo mix, reducing string noise on acoustic guitars or breath noise on flutes, even refining cymbal and hi-hat sounds. Processing is simple and is achieved by adjusting just two control parameters, Frequency and De-Ess.
  • UltraDyne9024Behringer UltraDyne Pro 9024 multiband processor - The UltraDrne Pro DSP9024 offers six freely definable bands of dynamic processing plus a program-adaptive 3-band exciter, tube emulation and an integrated delay for "look-ahead" parameter adjustment. An excellent multi-purpose tool, whether you need multiband compression when mastering, loudness maximization, de-essing or selective gating.
  • BBE Sonic MaximizerBBE 362SW Sonic Maximizer - With subwoofer output! The BBE 362SW Sonic Maximizer combines BBE's renowned Sonic Maximizer engine with an independent variable subwoofer low-pass filter output. It enhances the sound of any instrument and makes instruments stand out from one another in even the densest mix. If you're looking for sparkling high-end, punchy mids, and full on kicking low end then this is for you! Applications for the BBE 362SW include: studios, mobile DJ rigs, nightclubs, theatres and PA systems.
  • UltraCurve8024Behringer UltraCurve Pro 8024 - The DSP8024 features a 31-band graphic EQ with a real-time analyser, an Auto-Q function for automatic room measurement and correction (when used with room measurement microphone) plus three bands of parametric equalization. Further functions include a peak limiter, an adjustable delay of up to 2.5 seconds, a noise gate and Behringer's renowned Feedback Destroyer. An excellent multi-purpose unit for the studio and live sound applications.
  • SPL Stereo VitalizerSPL Stereo Vitalizer Jack - Need to add a little extra sparkle to your mix? SPL's Stereo Vitalizer psychoacoustic aural enhancer does just that! Whether used for enhancing basses, guitars or vocals or just adding the extra sparkle, detail and lift on your finished mix this unit provides all and more. Like all of SPL's Vitalizer aural enhancers this is quality!
  • Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951 - the T1951 IS a 2 x 4-Band Parametric Tube Equalizer - Equaliser that looks like it has been modelled on Drawmer's 1961 dual valve vacuum tube EQ and 1960 compressor (obviously this is without compressor!). The T1951 features four fully parametric stereo bands with centre frequency, bandwidth and amplitude controls, plus the option to use the low and high-frequency bands as shelving filters. The 12AX7 tubes enable you to selectively add tube warmth to your EQ'd signal.
  • Digitech Studio Quad 4Digitech Studio Quad 4 - The Quad 4 provides four independent inputs and outputs and up to four effects-processing modules in 16 different configurations. With its 4-channel capability it can used to process four simultaneous and independent mono effects, or the processors can be combined to operate in series or parallel to create more complex mono or stereo effects. The Quad 4 offers 100 factory presets and a further 100 user memories. Effects include: reverb, delay, chorus, phasing and flanging, auto-panning, tremolo, vocoding, EQ, rotary speaker simulation and dynamics processing. Also controllable via MIDI or with a footswitch.
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro 1000PBehringer Virtualizer Pro 1000P multi effects processor - The DSP1000P has high-power 24-bit digital signal processing with two separate processing "engines" enabling you to process entirely different independent effects for the left and right channels if wanted, or coupled for true stereo processing of the left and right channels. It has 32 Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay (10 s), Pitch Shifter, Vocoder, Rotary Speaker effects and more than 700 effect variations, plus two individual parameters and separate low and high EQ section.

This is just some of the processing equipment available for hire, please refer to our equipment guide for further details and pricing on all of our outboard equipment or contact us for a quotation

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Synthesisers / Samplers

Synthesisers / Sound Modules / Drum Machines

We have a range of synthesisers, sound modules and drum machines available for hire from the leading names you would expect and these have been proven over time on countless chart topping hits and have been used by many of the biggest artists, producers and DJs around.

Korg ProphecyThe Korg Prophecy is one such synthesiser. It is primarily a monophonic solo / lead performance synth and has graced many a top dance tune, as well as being used widely in live performance.

It is a great synth for techno, dance and electronic music

Notable users of the Korg Prophecy include The Orb, Jan Hammer, Orbital, The Prodigy, Apollo 440, Radio Head, 808 State, Rick Wakeman, Yes, the Pet Shop Boys and many more!

Korg TR-RackThe Korg TR-Rack is essentially a Korg Trinity synth in a 1U rack, very handy! And uses the same ACCESS (Advanced Control Combined Synthesis System) synthesis and multi-effects architecture as the Trinity, but with additional sound banks an memory. It is 16 part multi-timbral and offers four outputs for mixing. Put simply it sounds absolutely awesome!

Some of the other synthesisers, rack modules and drum machines we have for hire are detailed below however please refer to our equipment guide for a full listing.

  • Yamaha AN1X Analog Modelling Synthesiser - Perfect for Techno and dance music where it really excels with its lush pads and ambient textures.
  • Novation A-StationNovation A-Station - An 8 voice polyphonic rack mounted analog modelling synth that uses the same voice architecture as the SuperNova, essentially it's a slimmed down SuperNova in a 1U rack. Fantastic for dance music providing great basses, leads, pads, filter sweeps and much more!
  • Novation Bass-StationNovation Bass Station Rack - A monophonic analog bass synthesizer which excels at recreating classic TB-303 lines and fat Moog sounds
  • E-MU Orbit 9090v2E-MU Orbit 9090v2 - The original Techno/dance music rack module. If you're looking for old skool sounds look no further!
  • Akai SG01v Vintage Sound Module - Half rack module with classic synthesiser and keyboard patches with some surprisingly good sounds. Excels with aftertouch which adds incredible expression to the patches.
  • TR707 and SH101Roland TR-707 Drum Machine - smaller brother to the renowned TR-909 drum machine. It looks like the TR-909 and its hi-hat, cymbals, and clap sound almost identical to the TR-909. MIDI IN/OUT as well as CV and Gate IN/OUT. A great drum machine made better with a graphical step sequencer
  • Roland SH-101 monophonic synthesiser - An awesome mono synth which is great for techno, drum'n'bass and Acid as well as a wide range of other dance music styles. It is able to produce some of the fattest bass sounds akin to the Juno synths and screaming acid lines similar to the TB-303. No MIDI, only CV/GATE inputs and outputs and a CV hold pedal as well as external clock inputs for the sequencer and arpeggiator. It can be triggered by MIDI using an external MIDI to CV converter of from any module/synth with CV/Gate trigger outputs.


E6400 UltraFor the sampling purists we have several E-MU E6400 Ultra samplers with 128GB hard drives available for hire, an E-MU E64 sample with SCSI hard drive and an E-MU ESI-32 Sampler, potentially providing you with up to 32 channels of sampling heaven.

We also have external SCSI CD ROMs and a number of original E-MU sample CDs that can be hired with the samplers.

8 x 8 MIDI Interfaces

Midex8 and MidiSportWe have several 8 x 8 USB 2.0 MIDI interfaces available for hire; each providing up to 128 MIDI channels (8 banks of 16 MIDI Channels) for controlling all your MIDI enabled equipment.

The Steinberg Midex 8 is exceptional when used with Cubase as it provides LTC and the MidiMan MIDISport 8 x 8/S is well at home with practically any MIDI sequencer / digital audio workstation, PC and MAC. It also has SMPTE read and write capabilties and provides for all the standard SMPTE frame rates; 24, 25,29.97, 30D and 30 fps are all supported.

See our equipment guide for more detail or contact us for a quotation.

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Studio Monitors


Spirit Absolute 2Soundcraft Spirit Absolute 2 - Tried and trusted the Spirit Absolute 2 studio monitors from Soundcraft are reliable and dependable near field monitor speakers providing an uncoloured flat frequency response throughout the frequency range, so you hear exactly what is what is going on in the mix, and not the speakers! Frequency Response (+2dB, -3dB) 45Hz - 20kHz.

These are cracking little monitor speakers and at 100W RMS are capable of some pretty high sound levels. Bass is tight and they are accurately detailed in the mid-range and high-frequencies providing an overall sense of stereo image and detail that is very good. Give them a try!

Alesis Monitor TwoAlesis Monitor Two - For mid field monitoring applications or for where you need additional low end response but still need accurately detailed mid and high frequencies, for instance with dance music, we have the Alesis Monitor Two mid field monitors.

These are sizeable mid monitor speakers which utilise a 3 way speaker design, with a 10" low frequency driver, 5" mid and 1" silk dome high frequency driver. The use of a unique asymmetrical internal crossover coupled with the 3 way speaker design provides a flat frequency response from 40Hz to 18kHz. The monitor Two's pack an impressive 150W RMS, 200W peak power output.

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Samson Servo 260 AmplifierFor studio amplification another workhorse and one which is totally dependable, as well as being completely silent, is the Samson Servo 260 studio amplifier, with 130W per channel.

Its large heatsink and fanless design providing silent operation make this one of the most widely used studio amplifiers and is often seen in home recording and larger recording studios alike.

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